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Judicial Administrators

Our team has also been in charge of insolvency proceedings, i.e. Rescue Procedures and Safeguard Procedures (the equivalent of UK Administration/Schedule B1 of the Insolvency Act 1986 and Chapter 11/US of the Bankruptcy Code), to assist, supervise or replace management, depending on the role defined by the Court.
However, unlike our foreign counterparts, we do not carry out liquidation proceedings: we only work with active companies.


Focused on the preservation of businesses

In France, the profession of court-appointed administrators is strictly regulated. Accordingly, court-appointed administrators must be registered on a National List established under the supervision of the French Ministry of Justice.
For each mandate, our close-knit team is fully mobilized in crafting simple to complex solutions for businesses facing a wide-range of challenges.

The Court-appointed administrators are appointed to resolve the challenges that companies face, whether legal, economic, employment-related, or financial.
That is why, at the entrepreneur’s request and in the utmost confidentiality, the court-appointed administrators mainly focus on the prevention of a company's problems, in the framework of court-assisted proceedings.
The purpose of such confidential missions, conducted under the supervision of the President of the Commercial Court, is to promote the conclusion of an agreement, or a combination of agreements, to ensure the continuity of a company’s activities.


Nationwide coverage

We operate throughout French territory, as indicated by the map of the Commercial Courts that have appointed us.

Carte des tribunaux de commrce SOLVE
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